Jewellery Care

Inserting Your Jewellery:

When inserting internally threaded jewellery, you must make sure that the attachment is on completely straight before twisting the attachment in. Screwing on an attachment that is not on completely straight will wear down the thread as the jewellery is being forced in on an angle, this will result in loose fitting attachments that run the risk of your jewellery falling out. Ends & Attachments should be checked daily with clean hands to ensure they are on tight.


It is highly recommended that you store your jewellery in an enclosed case or box that is kept out of reach from children as small parts may be a choking hazard. Correct Storage will also ensure that the jewellery does not get damaged or lost.

Things To Avoid:

There are many things that may cause jewellery to discolour such as hair products, skincare products and exposure to chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer. Drinking soft drinks, coffee, alcohol or smoking may cause some oral jewellery to discolour.

Caring for Jewellery:

Cleaning your jewellery harsh chemicals such as alcohol & hand sanitizer are highly discouraged as this weakens the glue holding gems into place and may cause them to fall out. these chemicals may affect the glue used to hold jewels in place (most commonly in Bezel Set stones). For all jewellery with jewels, we recommended to clean your jewellery with Sterile Saline Solution.

Cleaning Your Jewellery:

Your jewellery will not be pre sterilized. It is your responsibility to clean your jewellery before use. We recommend using Sterile Saline Solution (this can be bought at most chemists). Do not use hot/boiling water or harsh chemicals such as alcohol as it may weaken & damage your jewellery.


Due to health and hygiene reasons, all sales are final. If an item has a manufacturers fault an exchange will be given. Manufacturers faults do not cover items which have been used outside the guidelines stated in this section.